Swan View

This layout is an S [1:64] scale model of Swan View station on the former Western Australian Government Railways on the outskirts of Perth using 16.5mm gauge track to depict the narrow gauge railway.

Graham Watson is the Layout Coordinator

The nine metre long layout has been constructed to a scale of 1:64 using Peco 16.5mm gauge track [Sn3½ scale] to represent the 3’ gauge of the WAGR. It represents the former WAGR station of Swan View situated in the Darling Ranges east of Perth on the former Eastern Railway to Kalgoorlie.

Originally privately owned, the layout was purchased by our Branch with financial help from the members of the S Scale Special Interest Group. Subsequently layout has been upgraded by the addition of scenic corner modules and a ten–track storage yard.

The buildings are scale models of the actual buildings that were once found at the Swan View station and its surrounds. The scenery is plaster with a major feature being the many hand made trees. The only tunnel on the WAGR is also represented on the layout featuring some fine cast rockwork scenery.

The control system has been kept simple and the main lines of the layout are on the level. This allows members to run their trains with a minimum of fuss and great reliability.

The layout is DC and DCC compatible.