Ebford Regis and Port Eb

These layouts are modelled in 7mm [1:43] scale on O gauge track. They represent the British Preservation scene.
Dennis Ling is the Layout Coordinator

In late 1991 our Management Committee approved the construction of an O scale model railway. As we had a number of enthusiasts of widely differing prototype preferences it was very unlikely that any junction station, anywhere in UK, could host all of their preferences and, since a UK base was the one thing on which we did agree, the concept of a ‘preserved railway’ seemed a reasonable way out of the problem.

By an amicable majority it was further agreed that this preserved railway would be in south west England. Someone searched a gazetteer and came up with a hat full of west country place names and blind chance came up with Ebford [actually a village near Exeter] and Regis [of which there are several].

We then looked back in time to when the Romans [?] built their main road west which forded the little river Eb – at a spot that became known as the Eb Ford – eventually the medieval town which grew up over the years became known as Ebford!!

During the 16th/17th century a relative of the then King had clandestine dealings with the daughter/niece of a leading burgher of the town and in the ‘hush–up’ that followed the town acquired the name Ebford Regis!

In the 19th century the London and South Western Railway, building a line westwards, found its way blocked by the Great Western Railway building eastwards and Ebford Regis became a joint station – this accounts for some of the strange buildings around the place.

When the good[??] Doctor Beeching wielded his scythe in the 1960s Ebford Regis lost its town coal yard. The former coal yard is now Smart’s Garden Supplies.