Denver, Santa Fe and Valentine

The layout is built to HO [ 1:87]  standards [3.5mm/ft scale on 16.5mm gauge track]

Alan Burrough and Craig Hartmann are the Layout’s Coordinators

This layout is a ‘work–in–progress’. Our Branch’s original North American Layout was demolished in late 2004 and its replacement is being constructed by members of the North American Special Interest Group.

The layout is wired for both DC and DCC and will be fully and simply switchable between both systems. A system of standard control, connector and wiring procedures and details has been established to be compatible with switching the layout.

The layout is about 8m by 2.5m, quick and easy to assemble/dismantle for ease of transportation to the Model Railway Exhibition. The number of baseboard segments has been kept to a minimum for easier assembly with fewer sources of electrical trouble or derailments. Construction is rugged with minimal flexing of segments.

Some new track and points and some recovered from the dismantled Allendale and Ovensville layout are being used.