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2022 Model Railway Exhibition

The Committee of Management at the February committee meeting discussed whether the 2022 Model Railway Exhibition should go ahead.
There was a discussion of ALL aspects of the Exhibition and the risks involved in having the 2022 Exhibition considering the continuing situation with the COVID virus.
It was decided by the committee to CANCEL the 2022 Model Railway Exhibition which was to be held on June 4 to June 6, 2022, at the Robinson Pavilion at the Royal Showgrounds, Claremont.
This decision was not taken lightly. The major concerns were:
• The exposure of the health risk to our members and exhibitors,
On the health side once ALL the protocols had been agreed to there was still a possible significant risk to our members and exhibitors bearing in mind the age of these people.
• The financial risk should there be a shutdown occur.
On the financial side, Ron has worked hard to reduce the costs and evaluate where savings could be made without compromising the exhibition too much. This brought the risk down to about $15,000 loss if the exhibition was cancelled before we went there to set up on the Wednesday before the exhibition was due to start.
This loss would amount to about $35,000 if the exhibition had started and a shutdown was called by the government.
You can see that the committee has taken ALL aspects into consideration when coming to their decision.
This decision will no doubt disappoint some members, exhibitors, and patrons.
Following that, Ron and myself then went on a search for a venue which would be big enough to hold a reasonable size exhibition and reduce the health and financial concerns of the committee.
The main criteria were:
• Floor area big enough to hold the exhibition: We need about 1,500m2 at least. Smaller would not be big enough to recoup the costs involved.
• Parking: There must be a reasonable amount of parking for the exhibitors and patrons along with accessibility for both the exhibitors and patrons to the venue.
• Public Transport: It was considered that the venue had to be reasonably close to good public transport for the patrons to come to the exhibition.
• Location: The venue was not to be too far from the central area of Perth as it was considered that the patrons would not travel too far in the current climate of restricted access to venues.
• Venue numbers: The total number of persons in the venue at one time had to be high enough so we were not turning away or delaying too many.
If you have suggestions on alternatives, then please let me or Ron Romero know so it can be investigated.
Should the investigations reveal that it might be viable, then a recommendation will be presented to the committee to see if the alternative venue is suitable.

John Maker
Member Number: 5625
Australian Model Railway Association WA Inc.

Please note:

The 2023 Model Railway Exhibition “Expression of Interest” information will be available September 2022 on our Website (

Hoping to see you in 2023 and thank you for being patient. We will get through this pandemic.

As well, I personally want to thank you for giving any information I required in regard to the display of your exhibition.

Ron Romero
Member number 6827
2022 Exhibition Co-ordinator
Australian Model Railway Association WA Inc