Our Branch has a number of layouts in various scales and gauges, some are digital command control compatible. We also have two U–drive layouts which can be 
driven for a gold coin donation to a local charitable organisation


Ebford Regis and Port Eb

[gallery columns="4" ids="210,211,212,213"] These layouts are modelled in 7mm [1:43] scale on O gauge track. They represent the British Preservation scene. Dennis Ling is the Layout Coordinator In late 1991...

Denver, Santa Fe and Valentine

[gallery columns="4" ids="425,426,427,428"] The layout is built to HO [ 1:87]  standards [3.5mm/ft scale on 16.5mm gauge track] Alan Burrough and Craig Hartmann are the Layout’s Coordinators This layout is a ‘work–in–progress’....
Ansbach - Platform area being prepared - 01 with first wagons already there

Ansbach Branch

[gallery columns="4" ids="430,431,432,433"] Ansabach Branch is a HO scale layout based on a German prototype[HO [1:87] scale = 3.5mm/ft models running on 16.5mm gauge track]Dave Edgell is the Layout Coordinator...