General Meetings

All meetings and running sessions, unless otherwise stated, are held in the Branch’s Clubrooms at 24 Moojebing Street, BAYSWATER (opposite Paddington Street).

The Clubrooms are open for meetings and general sessions.

Visitors are welcome at all sessions, but for a general overview of our facilities and layouts it is best to come during either a Tuesday daytime session or on a Saturday afternoon. Please make yourself known upon arrival and a Committee Member will proudly show you around. The evening Special Interest Groups also welcome visitors, and the focus of these sessions is as their name suggests.

Evening Meetings: from 8PM to 10.30PM

Daytime Sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays: from 10AM to 3PM

Afternoon Sessions on Saturdays: from 1.30PM to 5PM

We also encourage everyone to come and enjoy our monthly social event, a friendly barbecue, on the last Saturday of the month.