Our Branch has a number of layouts in various scales and gauges, some are digital command control compatible. We also have two U–drive layouts which can be 
driven for a gold coin donation to a local charitable organisation


Swan View

This layout is an S [1:64] scale model of Swan View station on the former Western Australian Government Railways on the outskirts of Perth using 16.5mm gauge track to depict...

Durham Town

An N [1:148] scale U–drive layout Steve Rayner is the Layout Coordinator In recognition of their dedication, commitment and hard work in all aspects of our Branch’s activities. This layout...


An N [1:148] Scale layout based on the American prototype Steve Rayner is the Layout Coordinator The idea for the Western Ridge N scale layout began when the existing Branch...

Frans River Line

An N [1:148] Scale layout constructed on the N–Trak principle Steve Rayner is the Layout Coordinator [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="410,411,412,413"]  

Ossie Gully

A 4mm [1:76 OO] scale/16.5mm gauge U–drive layout Tom Stokes and Dave Edgell are the Layout Coordinators. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="487,486,485,484"]


Haltwhistle is a 4mm [1:76] scale 16.5mm [OO] gauge layout based on British prototype in north eastern England Tom Stokes is the Layout Coordinator Haltwhistle is our Branch’s oldest layout,...