Our Branch has a number of layouts in various scales and gauges, some are digital command control compatible. We also have two U–drive layouts which can be 
driven for a gold coin donation to a local charitable organisation


Swan View

This layout is an S [1:64] scale model of Swan View station on the former Western Australian Government Railways on the outskirts of Perth using 16.5mm gauge track to depict...

Durham Town

An N [1:148] scale U–drive layout Steve Rayner is the Layout Coordinator In recognition of their dedication, commitment and hard work in all aspects of our Branch’s activities. This layout...


An N [1:148] Scale layout based on the American prototype Steve Rayner is the Layout Coordinator The idea for the Western Ridge N scale layout began when the existing Branch...

Frans River Line

An N [1:148] Scale layout constructed on the N–Trak principle Steve Rayner is the Layout Coordinator [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="410,411,412,413"]  

Ossie Gully

A 4mm [1:76 OO] scale/16.5mm gauge U–drive layout Tom Stokes and Dave Edgell are the Layout Coordinators. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="487,486,485,484"]


Haltwhistle is a 4mm [1:76] scale 16.5mm [OO] gauge layout based on British prototype in north eastern England Tom Stokes is the Layout Coordinator Haltwhistle is our Branch’s oldest layout,...

Ebford Regis and Port Eb

These layouts are modelled in 7mm [1:43] scale on O gauge track. They represent the British Preservation scene. Dennis Ling is the Layout Coordinator In late 1991 our Management Committee...

Denver, Santa Fe and Valentine

The layout is built to HO [ 1:87]  standards [3.5mm/ft scale on 16.5mm gauge track] Alan Burrough and Craig Hartmann are the Layout’s Coordinators This layout is a ‘work–in–progress’. Our Branch’s original...
Ansbach - Platform area being prepared - 01 with first wagons already there

Ansbach Branch

Ansabach Branch is a HO scale layout based on a German prototype[HO [1:87] scale = 3.5mm/ft models running on 16.5mm gauge track]Dave Edgell is the Layout Coordinator As our Branch...