Who Are We

We are the Australian Model Railway Association WA Inc.

Visitors, welcome at meetings.

Our objectives can be summed up as:

  • Promoting the art and science of the modelling of railways
  • Extending and improving the facilities and conditions for railway modelling in Western Australia
  • Working in conjunction with similar organisations for the benefit of the railway modelling hobby
  • Providing for social meetings of our members

What We Do

We Provide facilities for our members to improve their modelling skills and expertise.

We have several Special Interest Groups specialising in various scale/gauge ratio modelling and the research and modelling of a number of prototypes, both Australian and overseas

Our Branch has a Library with a good range of books, magazines, videos, etc. on railway and modelling topics providing an excellent research resource

We have several model railway layouts, some small, some not quite so small, catering for scales from N through HO, OO, Sn3½, O and the larger scales.

Our layouts cover many of the common scale/gauge ratios used in railway modelling. Some of these layouts are ‘works in progress’ where members can learn ‘how it’s done’ in a practical way by getting involved. Members can ‘play trains’ on most of the layouts, subject to layout availability.

We have advised a number of Community Groups regarding constructing a model railway layout suitable for their needs. We have also assisted in the construction of these layouts.

We also support various Community Groups by providing a model railway layout and staff at their fetes and other fund raising events (see Upcoming Events)

We present a Model Railway Exhibition and ModelRail each year (see Exhibitions)

Our newsletter, Branchline, is published in February, April, June, August, October and December and usually contains between 24 and 40 pages. You can subscribe to Branchline and view archives in our Members area of the site. Copies of our newsletter are also provided to various other railway and model railway organisations, usually on a contra basis, as we are supplied with copies of their newsletters and these are available in our Library.